Segmentation is grouping well-understood customers into like “personas.” These personas define customers’ needs, desires, or goals. Ideally a persona is representative of a sample of customers that you have identified through customer surveys. Regardless, it is helpful to create a handful of personas to get started with more targeted marketing. Doing so helps you understand who is buying your product, and why, so that you can focus more time and money marketing to the right customers.


Hi, My name is Francisco. I’m a 46 year old man living in Peru. I’m looking for products that can help me with potatoes. My busiest time is our harvest season, August. For my area, my income is low. My biggest challenge is postharvest tasks.

Again, it is important to survey customers in your targeted region to clearly define personas, narrowing in on similar attributes to focus your targeting method. Also be sure to consider all potential customers – from farmers and distributors to store owners, local politicians, teachers, and others. A good rule of thumb is to develop at least five personas for comparison to help narrow your target based on customer surveys.

A good persona will help you highlight some of these elements:


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